Anderson Contractors 2017: Choosing the Right Roof for Your Business A good quality roofing is needed to provide the utmost protection to your products, employees and customers. The most common roofing materials you’ll come across include built-up roofing, spray foam, EPDM rubber, thermoplastic and metal roofing. Built-in roofing (BUR) is the most dependable of all roofing systems either for residential or commercial establishments which are a type of low-slope roofing system. A built-in roofing system implements alternating layers of asphalt along with modified polymer sheets which can withstand weather conditions or heavy traffic. Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is a roofing system that is made up of liquid forming on the roof, sprayed over a structure, creating any desired shape or thickness for drainage needs. A sealant is applied to provide protection to the roof after the foam liquid has dried, making it fire resistant and waterproof. EDPM (Ethylene-propylene-dyne terpolymer) has proven to be an effective roofing option which was introduced more than twenty years ago. EPDM has a longstanding durability and dependability with its synthetic material, that’s why it is widely used by roofing companies. The most common type of thermoplastic roofing system is TPO or thermoplastic olefin which is made up of membranes that are reformed repeatedly as needed, and it is considered flame retardant, with UV absorbers and usually white in color. One of the best roofing systems used today by commercial establishments because of its qualities is metal roofing. Metal roofing systems are favorite because of their design, energy-efficiency, low maintenance, durability, and fire resistance. Metal roofs have different colors and designs so it is easy for you to select one that will best fit your business roofing needs. Metal roofs do not only look great but they can also save you money over time by reducing heating and cooling costs. You can relax and enjoy working knowing that your metal roof can last at least fifty years without needing maintenance. Metal roofing systems possess durability, and they can withstand high winds, snow, and other intense weather conditions. Because metal roofs are fire resistant, your safety and your customers. If you are looking for a reputable commercial roofing contractor you need to consider the credentials, reputation, products and services, specialization, customer service and the cost. Just visit our website or contact us directly for more details about commercial roofing systems. Our expert roofers are willing to help you with all of your commercial roofing needs. You can check on online reviews to see how our customers love our service. It is our pride, honor, dedication and commitment to always give our best when it comes to residential or commercial roofing services.3 Roofing Tips from Someone With Experience

3 Roofing Tips from Someone With Experience