It can be hard to read a man’s feelings. They are slow to tell women how they truly feel, which can make it challenging for a woman who is looking for love to know if the guy she is taking is going to stick around for a while or leave when someone better comes along. Learning how to tell if a man loves you can be very valuable to a woman who doesn’t have a whole lot of experience with dating and relationships. These tips will help women evaluation their situation and move on themselves if there’s no chance of their current relationship progressing to another level.

The first thing to look for is vulnerability. A man who is in love or falling in love will allow a woman he cares about into his personal life. Because men tend to be more private than women, this is a huge deal. He might tell her about his family or even take her to formally meet them. A man in love might also share his struggles at work or talk about his past. Sometimes, doing this is his way of gauging her interest in him. A woman who isn’t really into a man won’t want to hear about his problems. For those who are interested in a long-term relationship, these conversations are vital.

A man who is planning on sticking around will defend his girlfriend. This doesn’t mean physically fighting, although it could. If he takes her side in an argument with someone else, he is probably interested in her. He’ll do whatever he can to protect her and her feelings. If he thinks her doing something or going somewhere might be harmful for her, he’ll either go with her or try to keep her from going. It’s important to distinguish this protective instinct from control. Controlling men are more likely to be infatuated or even obsessed than in love.

When a woman is falling in love, it’s easy to only see the beauty in the relationship. However, it’s important to pay attention to the things he says and does in order to know if he is also falling in love. These tips will help women choose the right guy for a long term relationship and leave the ones who aren’t interested in settling down to the women who are in that stage in their own lives.